About Us

The name "Devadiga" is derived from archaic Kannada term "Deva Adiga".

Devadiga , sherigar ,moily are also known as temple musicians of coastal karnataka is a fascinating and vibrant community, spilled all over the world now. Their root is firmly entrenched in the undivided Dakshina Kannada. roughly from Ankola in Uttara kannada district to kasaragod in Kerala. evadiga community people are natives of Undivided South Kanara & North canara migrated to Bangalore in search of job. The people came here for employment has opted Bangalore as their place of residence in the last six Decades. The efforts has been made our well wishers of community in the last 35 years , uniting the people in Bangalore.

The dreams of community members has built by Eminent People , intellectuals had contributed their might to community . The need was felt to Re-orient the resources to build an Dynamic vibrant “Sangha” for upliftment and social welfare of the community. It is during December 18th December 2013. The sangha was formed under the name “ DEVADIGA NAVODAYA SANGHA “ The main intention is bring about TRANFERANCY, DEMOCRACY for successful implementation of the objective. Devadiga Navodaya Sangha in short ( DNS ) always believes COMMUNITY BUILDING is continuous process. The baton of Authority and Responsibility has to be passed on by the elders to the youngsters. In this process no individual is over and above the constitution of the Sangha. Sangha believes in principle of INCLUSIVE GROWTH.